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3 More Sneak Peak Bike Weekends

Posted by Jason Simpson on Jun 7, 2017 4:15:34 PM

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

It may be a little brazen or even melodramatic to open a blog about riding bikes with a quote from Churchill but I believe it fits. If you made it out to our May Long Weekend sneak peek you know what a massive success it was. As Mr. Churchill implies success cannot ride on its laurels, so we are going to take his advice, gather our courage, and continue on. The Panorama Bike Park will be open every remaining weekend of June leading up to our official opening on June 30. To the trail crew, lift attendants, bike patrollers, beer slingers, and of course all of you that came out to sample some early season muddy goodness – Thank You.


"Sometimes even the guinea pig has his day." - J. McDowell

Bender Rebuild

The crew has been focused on the rebuild of the Bender Jump line. The old school dirt-jumps have been replaced with modern 30’ tables where long landings let you send it deep. Scrub features link it together and the wall ride has been given a new life and works well.

Over the summer you will see this line extended to include several more berms and jumps. Stay tuned.


Jeremy finds the sweet spot on the Bender wall ride

Mercy Me Jumps

The crew has been inspired to add some much-needed spice to this venerable blue jump line. It’s a bit like plain oatmeal - good, even satisfying, but not that exciting. The new alignment will see the addition of 2 new berms and a step-up to improve the flow and to better manage the trail speed to match the size of the tables and the distinctly blue flavor. The guys are working hard but there is a chance this line will not be open for the weekend.


Owen brings the crew's vision to life.

Bonus Weekends: June 10-11 & June 17-18

These weekends will have all the perks from May Long (including discounted lift tickets), plus additional trails including:
• “New” Bender Jumps
• Bender singletrack
• Get in Line
• Alcatraz
• Punisher


"Better Bender Berms" - R. Calvert

The chair will be spinning from 10am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you’re on it.


"See ya on the other side" - J. McDowell

For more details on our June Bike Park Bonus Weekends, visit our website.

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